The HKD Method is a low energy tower gun, designed for terrain parks and half pipes. The Method is capable of delivering four water flows to its fifteen nozzles. The Method uses three internal mix nucleators for efficient, high volume snowmaking. The Method is all business and produces massive amounts of snow.
All HKD Towers utilize the S-Series extrusion. This multi-chambered, completely modular Tower can utilize our Patented double valve base configuration or the rugged fixed flow base block with any of our efficient snowgun designs. S-Series Towers can be mounted on the fixed bracket at the side of a trail or sled mounted to patrol a variety of snowmaking locations. The modular design of the S-Series allows for technology upgrades and streamlines general maintenance and repair work. Enjoy the peace of mind that your snowmaking investment with HKD Snowmakers can evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of your resort.

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Method Product Specifications

Height: 10, 20, 30ft / 3.1, 6.1, 9.1 m
Weight: (without Bracket) 50, 80, 120 lbs/ 22.6, 36.2 54.4 kgs
Wet Bulb Start-Up: 28 F / -2.2 C
Water Flow: 20 - 128 gpm/ 76 - 485 lpm
Minimum Water Pressure: 200 psi / 13.6 bar
Air Flow: 18-100 cfm / 30.6 - 170 m3/hr
Minimum Air Pressure: 85 psi / 5.8 bar
Throw: 30-125 ft / 9.2 - 38.5 m
Water Flow Stages:4 Stages
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