KLIK Manual

The HKD KLIK hydrant is a game changer for snowmakers. In a 12-hour snowmaking window, an HKD KLIK manual hydrant can boost snowmaking production by as much as 54%, when compared to using traditional hydrants and hoses and an HKD tower. The gain is closer to 81% for KLIK automation. This significant improvement is achieved by eliminating the time consuming step of hooking up, and unhooking, air and water hoses at each hydrant.

KLIK Automatic

The HKD KLIK automatic hydrant is compatible with HKD towers and fans. HKD KLIK automation utilizes snowgun performance curves and real time system information to produce the maximum amount of snow, at a desired snow quality, for any temperature. KLIK automation remotely monitors and controls one KLIK hydrant, or one thousand. HKD KLIK automation is engineered for simplicity.

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