The HKD KLIK automatic hydrant is designed to operate all versions of HKD towers and HKD Turbo fans. The Hydrant is controlled with our server based KLIK automation software and can communicate through a wired or wireless network.

HKD KLIK automation software utilizes snowgun performance curves for the various HKD products together with real time weather information to produce the desired snow quality at a given temperature. KLIK automation remotely monitors and controls one KLIK hydrant or one thousand.

HKD KLIK automation is built with "plan B" in mind. In other words, if one component of your automatic system fails, you've got backup. In a perfect world, snowmaking automation works 100% of the time. But as we all know, snowmaking is far from a perfect world. If communication is lost –KLIK has a manual override switch on the gun giving local control to the snowmaker. If power is lost back-up battery power in the panel is used to automatically

close the hydrant. And ultimately – if all fails – the snowmaker can remove the actuator, access the stem, and operate the hydrant manually.

HKD KLIK automation puts the reality of 100% utilization of your snowmaking capacity within reach. Within minutes of being energized, you can have the full capacity of your pump house at work making snow on the terrain that's most vital to your operation.

The ability to instantly start and stop your system will allow you to capitalize on smaller windows of opportunity and quickly resurface terrain if desired. KLIK Automation is engineered for simplicity.

The HKD KLIK hydrant is available in three lengths, 12", 48" and 96" and is capable of operating on surface or buried pipe.

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Surface Pipe

The HKD KLIK hydrant is designed to run on surface pipes in both the manual and automatic configuration. The frost-free valve and self-draining hydrant evacuates water from the snowgun and hoses, to ensure successful startups, time and time again. The hard hoses remain connected between the KLIK hydrant and the snowgun throughout the season. The KLIK hydrant can operate with or without heat.

Buried Pipe

The HKD KLIK hydrant is available in a 12" or 48" length for automatic installations and can be installed on a buried pipeline inside a shelter. The power and communications can be terminated directly into the KLIK panel on the snowgun or into a j-box inside the shelter.

Manual or Automatic

The KLIK manual hydrant can be upgraded to automatic as your snowmaking strategy evolves. To make the transition to automation, add a KLIK actuator, KLIK controls, and supply the auto station with power and network connectivity.


HKD understands that building snow coverage is critical to the success of your operation and KLIK provides the fail-safe option to make snow no matter what the technology demons throw your way. If the computer controlling your KLIK automation or the communication to the automated guns were to fail, the snowmaker can take full control of the snowgun at the KLIK panel by switching to manual.

HKD refuses to let bits and bytes get in the way of your job. If the KLIK panel were to fail at the snowgun preventing manual or automatic control, the snowmaker can simply remove the KLIK actuator and operate the hydrant with a mechanical handle until the problem is solved.


HKD KLIK automation is intuitive and user friendly. What is often called the UI or User Interface, HKD calls the User Experience (UX). HKD's transparent format allows users to customize key parameters to squeeze the most performance out of the technology. For convenience, the UX uses imagery and maps familiar to the controller and snowmakers.

HKD KLIK automation can control any tower or fan gun in our line up. Users can easily adjust snow quality by gun, trail or system. Budget Gallons can be set per hydrant to control snow production—make snow where you need it, when you need it. The UX allows users to input notes relevant to the hydrant for future reference. We're doing away with post it notes.

Big Data is key to operating your snowmaking system. HKD KLIK automation captures mission critical data from the beginning of the snowmaking until the end. KLIK reports allow you to manage by the numbers and fine-tune your snow plan.


HKD KLIK automatic hydrants allow for instant starts and stops and independent control at each hydrant. There was a time when snowmaking managers wouldn't fire up the pumps and compressors and call in the snowmaking crew for a 12-hour snowmaking window. But in today's environment, many managers jump at the chance. KLIK makes efficiency possible by allowing you to maximize utilization and reach full system capacity.

HKD KLIK automation allows your snowguns to always be on their performance curve and producing the maximum amount of snow at any given time. The KLIK program adjusts snowgun flows based on temperature, pressure, and snow quality settings. KLIK it—and open your mountain early, with more skiable terrain.


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