The HKD KLIK manual hydrant is a game changer for snowmakers. In a 12-hour snowmaking window, HKD KLIK manual hydrants can boost snowmaking production by as much as 90%, when compared to using traditional hydrants and hoses, with fixed HKD towers. This significant improvement is achieved by eliminating the time consuming step of hooking up, and unhooking, air and water hoses at each hydrant.
The HKD KLIK hydrant is available in three lengths, 12", 48" and 96" and is capable of operating on surface or buried pipe. The HKD KLIK hydrant can be automated.

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Surface Pipe

The HKD KLIK hydrant is designed to run on surface pipes, in the most demanding climates. The frost-free valve and self-draining hydrant evacuates water from the snowgun and hoses, to ensure successful startups, time and time again. The hard hoses remain connected between the KLIK hydrant and the snowgun throughout the season.

Buried Pipe

The HKD KLIK hydrant is available in an 8' length and can be installed on a buried pipeline inside a shelter. The KLIK hydrant extends through the shelter lid and is operated using the KLIK handle.

Manual or Automatic

The KLIK manual hydrant can be upgraded to automatic as your snowmaking strategy evolves. To make the transition to automation, add a KLIK actuator, KLIK controls, and supply the auto station with power and network connectivity.


KLIK manual hydrants have four easily identifiable flow settings, allowing snowmakers to achieve consistent snow quality from gun to gun without worrying about specific valve combinations, or the number of turns to open, like on a traditional hydrant. Simply walk up to the hydrant, turn the handle to the desired flow setting, and repeat at the next snowgun. It's that safe, it's that easy. The KLIK high-pressure hard hoses attach to the snowgun and to the hydrant with quick couplers. An inline water filter keeps the nozzle and nucleators free of debris.


HKD KLIK manual hydrants allow snowmakers to bring guns online as quickly as they can walk to them. There's no unrolling hose, chipping ice out of couplers or pounding cam arms closed. There was a time when snowmaking managers wouldn't fire up the pumps and compressors and call in the snowmakers for a 12-hour snowmaking window. In today's snowmaking environment, many managers will jump at the chance. KLIK makes efficiency possible by allowing snowmakers to maximize utilization and reach system capacity.

HKD KLIK manual hydrants reduce the time to start and stop a trail of snowguns, which nets the maximum time spent at system capacity. KLIK makes more possible by allowing snowmakers to bring guns online faster—and keep them on longer—as snowmaking temperatures begin to fade. The KLIK advantage gives mountains the ability to produce three times more snow in a small window of opportunity, as compared to ground guns and traditional hydrants. KLIK it and open your mountain early, with more skiable terrain.

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