Diablo Tower

The HKD Diablo Tower is galvanized, easy to rotate and has 12" wide ladder rungs for safer climbing. The workbasket is fully enclosed with a railing and its access door can be closed to create a safer working environment. The control panel and compressor are conveniently located at the bottom of the tower and within reach of the snowmaker to prevent unnecessary climbing.

The HKD Diablo is the workhorse in our fan line up. The Diablo is engineered for simplicity and efficiency and is capable of water flow up to 250 GPM with projection exceeding 225 feet. Its unique central nozzle design provides a smooth performance curve with infinite water flow and snow quality settings. The Diablo is big production snowmaking at its best.

The Diablo Fan is available in three configurations: manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic when paired with the KLIK auto hydrant and a network connection.

The Diablo Fan design is modular and interchangeable between our three styles of supports: the carriage, articulating boom (Raptor), and fixed tower with workbasket.

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HKD Diablo Tower

Controls Manual, SemiAutomatic or Fully Automatic with KLIK technology
Start up Temp 30 deg F | -1 deg C
Water Flow: 20-250 gpm/ 4.5 - 57 cubic meters per hour
Projection: up to 250 ft | 75 m
Length: 80 in | 2.030 mm
Width: 98 in | 2.500 mm
Weight of Gun: 1760 lbs | 800 kg3/h
Oscillation: 300 °
Chassis Options: Carriage, Raptor, Tower
Voltage: 460 V | 600 V | 380 V
Frequency: 60 Hz | 60 Hz | 50 Hz
Compressor:7.5 HP | 5.6 kW
Fan:25 HP | 19 kW
Heating:0.16 HP | .12 kW
Electrical cord:150 ft. | 45 m or customer's choice
Water Pressure:150 - 900 PSI | 10 - 62 Bar
Camlock Water Connection:1.5 in. or 2 in. (with swivel coupling)
Nozzle:1 central nozzle
Warranty:1 year
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